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Margie Mae's Motto

So often does the basic principles of business...and respect...fall to the way side in lieu of the bottom line. At Margie Mae's Holiday Decor it is our goal to bring our customers the best service and lighting experience for you, your family, and your friends that will last a lifetime.

The name "Margie Mae's Holiday Decor" was inspired by the owner's mother, Margie Mae, herself. She instilled a good work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit into the business that still lives today.

MARGIE MAE SERVES: MetroPhoenix, Greater Tucson, Casa Grande, and Kansas City


Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor supports the Anne Rita Monahan Foundation. To donate please go to http://anneritamonahan.org/donations/. it is a 501(c)(3)tax-exempt charitable organization.